Renaissance Festival Larkspur, Colorado

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Renaissance Festival

Entrance to the Renaissance Village in Larkspur, Colorado


I haven’t been to a Renaissance Festival in years.  I think the last time we’d gone was well over 10 years ago in Texas.  I was thrilled when my daughter told me there was a Renaissance Festival scheduled in her area during our visit.  When I told my grandsons, Dion and Devon, about it they were excited.  They’d never been but had seen TV shows about them and wanted to go.


We headed for the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colorado in the late afternoon.  We waited for the day to get a bit cooler and were hoping the festival grounds wouldn’t be too crowded.  It seems we arrived at an ideal time.  Parking was easy, we found a spot on the field close to the main entrance.  It was great we didn’t have to wait for the bus that shuttles revelers to and from the lot.

We purchased tickets at the booth located to the left of the main entrance then made our way in to the village thru the arched gateway.  Our tickets were collected by attendants in period dress, fun!

Renaissance FestivalWalking thru the gate and entering the village was like going thru a time warp!  No make shift props here.  The village was a replica of what seemed to be a Renaissance village complete with real buildings (not just facades),  wandering minstrels, magical creatures, and shops manned by sales associates in costume.  Many of the revelers were in costume too!

There was so much to see and do we had a hard time deciding which way to go.  You get a village map and a schedule of events when you buy tickets.  It’s very helpful when you’re planning your time.

The village is quite spread out with shops and eateries lining the paths.  Rides, games, and shows are scattered through out the village.

renaissance festivalThe first stop we made was the “weapons” shop”.  Devon “needed” a sword!

The shop is filled with a large variety of wooden weapons.  Swords, sabers, battle axes, shields, and more.

They’ll even personalize your weapon for you!

The sales associates were of course dressed in period costume, they even spoke in old English!

They were lots of fun!  Devon had a hard time deciding which weapon he wanted to take  home.




Renaissance festivalHe finally decided on a battle axe.  This lovely wench wrote his name is fancy letters.

The axe cost $20 including the writing.





renaissance festivalSuitably armed it was time for a snack.  The first of many that afternoon!

First the kids and Jaime opted for roast turkey drumsticks.  They were huge!

We’d later indulge ourselves in margaritas (not exactly Renaissance fare, but very welcome on a hot summer day).

We’d also grab pretzels, chocolate dipped frozen cheesecake, kettle corn, and other snacks.

The place has a bunch of food booths offering everything from hot dogs, to nachos and burritos, to baklava and crab cakes, and so much more.

We had such a good time sampling all kinds of food I’m surprised we all didn’t end up with tummy aches!

Renaissance festivalOther than the food we also enjoyed the shows, rides, and games.  There was a maze that ended with a slide down the dragon’s throat.  Fun!

Next to that is the gigantic rocking horse.  There were also camel and llama rides in the village center.

renaissance festival

renaissance festivalGames included a ring toss, basketball shooting, and throwing fresh tomatoes at a guy who taunted contestants.  That was fun to watch!

But the fun doesn’t stop there!  Wandering artists entertained crowds throughout the village.

There were musicians, “unicorns”, and more!



Renaissance festival

renaissance festival

renaissance festivalThere were also shows scheduled during the day.  Clowns, arcobats, hypontist, comedians, pirates, and animal shows.  But I think the most popular event was the Jousting Tournament!  You can be part of the crowd and boo or cheer your knights as they battle it out on horseback in the main arena.

We had a great time!

The Renaissance Festival is located in Larkspur, Colorado; it’s about half way between Denver and Colorado Springs.

The festival runs every year in June and July.  This year’s event was their 40th. festival, they really do know how to do it up right!

I know it’s too late to go this year, but mark your calendars and plan on spending the day at next year’s Renaissance Festival!

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