Pumpkin Patch – Great Family Fall Activity

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Pumpkin PatchPumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere!  One of my favorite fall family activities is a day out at the Pumpkin Patch.  When my kids were young finding a pumpkin patch in Hawaii was nearly impossible, but somehow we managed to find ourselves somewhere on the mainland in the fall and visited pumpkin patches up there.

These days my 2 daughters and their families live on the mainland where they have their choice of pumpkin patches.  In Hawaii we take my son’s twins to Aloun Farm’s the biggest pumpkin patch on the island.  We don’t have many choices here, I know of two or three, but in my opinion Aloun Farm does it best.

Most  pumpkin patches I’ve been to, like Phillips Farms in Lodi, California and Old MacDonald’s Farm in Humble, Texas are decorated for the season.  Hay rides, corn mazes, petting zoos, and pony rides are featured in many pumpkin patches as well as farm fresh vegetables you can pick along with your pumpkin.  Many of them also have small snack bars where they sell homemade pies, jams, jellies, and other specialties.  Best of all they have all pumpkins in every size, shape, and color!

Pumpkin PatchPumpkin patches are usually located in a farm or vineyard out in the country.  Where ever it’s located one thing all the pumpkin patches we’ve been to have in common is that they all provide many great photo ops!

My daughter Jaime took her son Jett to a pumpkin patch in Colorado.  They went on a hay ride and Jett loved riding the “train” made out of steel drums, he’s a big train fan.  He also loved rolling around the gigantic tub of corn kernels.  Best of all he loved the pumpkins!
Pumpkin PatchJett and his little friend had a great day at the pumpkin patch, at the end of the day they we so tuckered out they slept all the way home.
There are many pumpkin patches in Colorado, to find one near you click here!

Pumpkin PatchIn Hawaii we took the twins to Aloun Farms in Kapolei.  It feels kind of weird to pick pumpkins at a pumpkin patch in Hawaii, we don’t have the crisp fall weather to add to the experience.  We ended up at the farm in 90 degree weather!
We’d taken my grandsons Dion and Devon to this pumpkin patch several years ago, it was fairly new at the time and didn’t have a whole lot of activities.  This year I was impressed!  It has definitely improved since we last went.

Pumpkin PatchAlong with picking pumpkins Aloun Farm has lots of fun activities for the entire family.  They have carnival rides, huge inflatables (we loved the dragon slide and the airplane bounce house), a rock climbing wall, and these cool inflatable giant balls – ones you put on and bump into others, and the other you enter and float around the pool.
They also have a hay ride around the pumpkin patch and pony rides.

There is also a large selection of food concessions lined up in one area and snack kiosks scattered around.

Pumpkin PatchThe grandkids all had a great time at the patch, even one year old Harper got into the spirit in spite of the heat.






Pumpkin PatchHer twin brother Sadi loved sitting among the pumpkins and riding in the wagon.

My daughter Jenny will be taking her boys Dion and Devon to a pumpkin patch in Georgia soon.
There are many pumpkin patches in Georgia, to find one near you click here!

Of course those of us who went to the farm ended up with at least a pumpkin or two.  I’m sure Jenny will end up with some too!

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