Packing for Your Ocean Crossing Cruise

Sep 25, 2019 | 0 comments

You’ve decided to try a Transatlantic or Transpacific cruise, and have actually booked it.  Yay!  Now let’s talk about packing for your ocean crossing.

It doesn’t take rocket science when packing for your ocean crossing, but there are some things you might forget to bring.  So here’s a list of things you should consider packing for your ocean crossing cruise.


  • Reading Material

Don’t rely on the ship’s library, they’re pickings a usually slim and are even slimmer during ocean crossings.  Unless you rush to the library the minute you step on the ship you’ll find that the books at the library go out fast.  You could keep checking to see if any good books have been returned, but to ensure you have something to read, bring your own.

It’s not hard to do, just load however many books you can read during your cruise on to your tablet.  Technology makes it much easier to bring books where ever you may go.

  • Appropriate chargers

That ipad, kindle, or tablet won’t do you any good if they aren’t charged.  So don’t forget to pack their chargers!

  • Bring your hobby or crafting supplies

If you love to knit, crochet, paint or whatever be sure you bring along your supplies.  You can get a lot of knitting done on an ocean crossing.  Not to mention there are on board gatherings for folks who share the same hobby.

I’d pack scissors, knitting needles, and other tools in the checked luggage.  TSA will not look too kindly on anyone attempting to bring anything sharp and pointy on board an aircraft.

  • Prescription and OTC Meds

It goes without saying that you’ll remember to pack your prescription meds, but don’t forget to bring OTC meds too.  Of course tylenol, cough syrup, dramamine, and other OTC meds can be purchased at the ship’s gift shop or medical center, but do you really want to pay $4-6 on 4 or 6 tylenol pills?  Or would you enjoy spending almost $20 on a small bottle of Robitussin?

So bring your own meds, 7 days at sea is a long time to have a throbbing headache!

  • Self laundry supplies

If your ship has self service laundrymats pack some travel size detergent, bleach and dryer sheets.  I know Princess and Royal Caribbean cruise lines have self service laundrymats on just about every floor, Celebrity does not.  But if you’re ship has them bring your own supplies.  Sure they sell them but many times they run out as everyone is thinking the same thing.

Also bring a roll of quarters.  Most times the change machine is out of order or has run out of change.  Bringing a roll of quarters saves you a trip down to the purser’s desk in search of change.

  • Work out gear

Don’t forget to brink some comfy work out clothes and shoes.  With all the food you’ll be enjoying hitting the gym or running track may not be such a bad idea.  It might just start you on an exercise routine you can take home with you!

  • Halloween Costume or other holiday gear

If you’re on a cruise ship on Halloween or other holiday pack your costume or holiday tshirt or sweater.  It’s fun to dress up and join the festivities!

Ready to book your next ocean voyage?  Call SNTTours.  We’ll do the planning, you do the relaxing!


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