To Mykonos With Kids

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Myconos island is located in the Aegean Sea and belongs to the Cyclades group of islands. In the 1960s, Mykonos, Greece was a popular cruise ship port. This was due to Jackie Onassis, Sophia Loren and other famous celebrities partying at the port. The party atmosphere is now popular with the hip Hollywood crowd that includes Sara Jessica Parker, Madonna, Tom Hanks, P Diddy and many other famous designers.

In the summer months, Mykonos attracts celebrities and hip singles because of its chic and trendy atmosphere. It features upscale restaurants, trendy bars and beaches full of people partying. Many visitors choose to vacation in the island because of its high availability of fashionable boutiques, stylish cafes and lively beach areas.

Two popular party islands located close to each other are Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach. Both beaches have a reputation for public nudity and topless sunbathing; they’re also great places for partying late at night. These beaches are ideal for both couples and single people who want to frolic in the nude. With nudity off the table, families and couples seeking romance can find it on Mykonos. There’s also a wide array of other family-oriented and romantic events!

Many romantic restaurants, bars and cafes are located along the ocean view. For a more tranquil setting, consider visiting one of the island’s picturesque towns.

For any family looking to keep their children entertained, look to the following suggestions! This island guide offers plenty of ideas for how the family can play together.

The island has many beaches; nearly everyone loves them. Some family beaches to consider when traveling with kids include Platis Gialos, Psarrou, or Kalafatis. These beaches all have restaurants, watersports rentals and activities as well as lounge chair and umbrella rentals. Getting to the beaches on Mykonos by taxi or public transport is easy.

When on a cruise ship, you can schedule an off-site excursion to a family beach in just a few hours. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi from the town’s main square or buses from the station. Taxi availability on the island is limited; if several cruise ships are docked at the same time, you may be able to get one for longer than usual.

You can also use the beach located a short distance from the bus station as a place to sunbathe and allow the children to play in the water. There are no amenities on this beach; however, you can easily access all of the town’s shops and cafes by walking only a few steps away.

Older people and teenagers enjoy visiting Delos, a small island in the Cyclades group. The archaeological site on this island holds the famous Terrace of the Lions statues, as well as houses, temples and markets. Many of the site’s artifacts were dug up through excavations made at the site.

You can book a tour from one of the local tour companies in Chora. Alternatively, you can catch a ferry to Delos and explore the island on your own. Ferries to Delos leave from the docks in Chora in the morning and afternoon. You don’t want to be on Delos longer than necessary or in the midday heat. The island is uninhabited; therefore there are no cafes, restaurants, or shops on the island. Instead, bring lots of sunscreen, bottled water and a hat when exploring.

Finding a place to eat doesn’t require leaving the beach; many places to eat are nearby.

For a quick snack, we like to take the kids to one of the snack bars located in the center of Chora. They can enjoy their gelato while we shop. However, many restaurants on the oceanfront have closed since children can access them easily.

We often eat at either the Musical Cafe or one of the restaurants near the windmills or Little Venice. There are plenty of restaurants on the island— my daughters love the Saganaki!

The kids often hike up to the windmill located far from their homes to play.

The kids enjoy running around the windmills’ open fields. This provides them with an outlet for their excess energy.

If you’re looking for more adventure, consider renting a quad. My daughter and her husband enjoy riding around the island on these vehicles. They took my granddaughters Dion and Devon while I stayed in town and socialized with my 10 month old son Jett.

At the end of the town, one street up from the main street that runs along the coast, you can rent hourly from the rental company. Each vehicle comes with a helmet provided by them.

If you opt to spend time on Mykonos, take advantage of the laid-back atmosphere! This island features delicious food and friendly people.

Contact SNT Tours if you need help planning a vacation in Mykonos. Our expert consultants work with families, couples and groups to craft unique itineraries.

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