Keeping Essentials Safe While Traveling

Oct 22, 2019

When heading out on your travels, you’re focused more on the shining sun, the fun activities, and the awesome memories you and your family will make. But while you want to spend the whole time enjoying yourself, you must make sure that all your belongings are protected, too.

Losing or damaging your essentials while on the move can throw a spanner in the works and adds unnecessary stress and bother. Your vacation is supposed to be one where you forget all the worries of the world, so make sure you know how to look after your things to ensure smooth sailing.


Everyone’s greatest fear is losing their suitcase after getting off the plane. When this happens, you need to follow the proper channels to retrieve your belongings, which are hopefully still in excellent condition.

There’s a chance they were damaged, though, and your luggage may have been opened. To minimize the possibility of this, find suitcases with TSA-approved locks to save airport workers needing to break in.

You’ve also got to worry about missing clothes. You can pack two days’ worth of a change of clothes in your carry on so you’ll have something fresh to change into while you wait for your suitcase to show up.


Taking your e-reader or tablet along with you helps to kill time waiting for connecting flights or just lounging by the pool. But if you’re close to water, they suddenly become much more fragile than you ever realized. You can find protective covers that allow you to lounge in the pool with your devices, but it might be better for your anxiety if you just left it in the room and stuck with a paperback.

Likewise, there are also medical electronics such as hearing aids to protect from moisture. These can be difficult to replace or repair while on your travels if water-damaged, so you can learn more about how to deal with them if you’re traveling with someone who uses a hearing aid.

Passports and Cash

Losing passports and cash while away is arguably the worst thing that could happen to you. However, it need not be the end of the world as long as you take precautions.

Before leaving, look for the consulate office and embassy of your home country, which can help you deal with theft or lost or damaged passports, and also find waterproof pouches to protect your passport from the elements.

As for your money, carry it on you at all times, so you know where it is. You might feel nervous walking around with so much, but at least you know where it is, which will prevent any theft back at your accommodation.


Whether you’re heading for a week-long vacation or embarking on a globetrotting extravaganza, investing in travel insurance before you leave is crucial for protecting your belongings in the event of an accident. While you can do all you can to keep them safe, there’s always the chance for loss or theft. Travel insurance will soften that blow considerably.

Safe Travels

Keeping your items safe during your travels will help you enjoy every minute away from the responsibilities of work and school, but if you don’t adequately prepare for accidents, they could end up damaged and ruin the vacation.

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