Mykonos is Largely Untraveled; Its Insides are Unknown to Most

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Mykonos lies off the beaten path, which makes it an excellent location to explore. People imagine Mykonos beaches, turquoise water and narrow streets with white buildings when they think about the island. The Greek Cyclades Islands contain Mykonos, a small island that’s famous for its sunny weather and popular cruise-ship stop. Each of these islands has its own trademark, which you’re correct in identifying. Chora is the name of the main town on Mykonos. Most people who’ve visited the island know this, and they’ll often call Chora Mykonos Town instead.

Mykonos has many famous landmarks. For example, everyone takes pictures of Little Venice from the windmills. These are extremely popular places to take pictures; books recommend them for tours. Plus, people browse through the quaint shops on Mykonos’ narrow streets. On occasion, a large Pelicanson has been observed in front of the restaurants while taking a dip in the water. When not minding the bar with his owner, he can be found out in the ocean. Mykonos has many well-known features, including its beautiful beaches. There are many beautiful beaches on Mykonos; they’re mostly found near restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The list of beaches Kalaforis, Platis Gialos and Paradise can attest to that.

Mykonos isn’t short on amazing water sports either; there are beach umbrellas and sun loungers as well as water sports kiosks. While the coastal town of Chora has nice beaches, there’s more to the Mykonos island than that. If you want to go somewhere different and explore, consider trying any of these suggestions next time you visit.

Mykonos Rent an ATV Mykos beachgoers enjoy renting an all-terrain vehicle for half a day so they can tour the island’s interior on their own. This is a popular activity among the grandkids and children of the island. Head north to discover the picturesque coastal towns and cobbled streets.

A lighthouse was built on the northwest corner of the island in 1891; it’s the Armenistis Lighthouse. From the narrow strip of land that separates the two islands, visitors can look down at this circular stone tower. The structure offers a scenic vantage point that’s well worth the time it takes to view.

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