Haunted Places in the 50 States

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England’s Tower of London is said to be one of the most famous haunted places in the world; not surprising given it’s bloody history.  The Tower counts among it’s prisoners Anne Boleyn, Henry the VIII’s second wife, and Lady Jane Grey who was Queen of England for just over a week.
Both ladies were subsequently executed on the Tower’s grounds.

England boasts many more haunted places from castles and churches to parks and cemeteries.  But haunted places aren’t limited to England, or for that matter Europe.  Just about every continent, country, city, and town has at least a ghost story or two which is inevitably linked to a specific location.  America is no different, from coast to coast and from north to south our country has hundreds if not thousands of reportedly haunted places.   Some, like the Queen Mary in California, are world famous, others local legends famous only to the town’s inhabitants and serious ghost hunters.

In the fall, specially closer to Halloween,  many of us like to experience a little thrill and go on a ghost tour or drive by places that look spooky.  There’s definitely no lack of haunted places in each state. Here’s a list of haunted places, one from each state, some famous, others not so.   Perhaps one or two of them will be close enough for you to visit this year.

Haunted Places

Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, Alabama

Alabama – Sweetwater Mansion

Year Built:  1828 – 35 (estimate)

Watch YouTube video:  The Ghost of Sweetwater Masion

Address:  842 Sweetwater Avenue,  Florence, AL 35630

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The Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, Alabama has seen plenty of history. Construction began in 1828, it was here that Union and Confederate officers stayed during their respective occupation of the city during the Civil War.  It is said that many of its former residents reside here still.  Children’s laughter is said to be heard and  items that  mysteriously move.   

Haunted Places

Golden North Hotel Skagway, Alaska Creative Commons license by Noel Zia Lee

Alaska – Golden North Hotel

Year Built: 1898

Watch YouTube Video:  Alaska’s Haunted Hotel

Address:  3rd. & Broadway Skagway, Alaska

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More Info

Filled with  hopes for a bright future Mary came to Alaska as the fiancee of prospector Klondike Ike. Mary locked herself in the couple’s hotel room to await her beloved who went off in search of gold, he never returned.

When concerned hotelkeepers finally gained entrance to her room they found her dead, dressed in the wedding gown she was to wear on her wedding day.

Today  guests have been spooked by a pale ghostly figure looking out the window still awaiting her lover’s return or by a figure standing over their bed checking to see who’s in it.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Haunted Places

Jerome Grand Hotel
Courtesy of Phoenix New Times

Arizona – Jerome Grand Hotel

Year Built: 1926

Watch YouTube Video:  Haunted Jerome Grand Hotel – Room 32

Address:  200 Hill St, Jerome, AZ 86331

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There is no shortage of haunted places in the state of Arizona, but one of the most famous is the town of Jerome, a quaint community in northern Arizona.  All sorts of specters are said to haunt many of the town’s historic buildings.

The most haunted is thought to be the vintage Jerome Grand Hotel.  It opened as the United Verde Hospital in 1927.  Miners from the nearby copper mine were treated here for serious injuries many of which proved fatal; insane people were also treated here for their mental illness.  The hospital closed in 1950 and re-opened as the hotel in the late 1990s.

Today ghost enthusiaists, including my cousin and his family, book rooms here hoping to catch a phantom nurse or hear a scream or two during their stay.  My cousin and his family have stayed here twice and have never had a paranormal experience, but the town has many nice shops and restaurants making it a nice place to spend the weekend.

I can’t talk about Arizona ghost towns without mentioning the town of Tombstone.  During my last visit the lady at the fudge shop told me the whole town is filled with spirits.  She claimed their their presence could be felt as you wander the town’s streets and buildings.  I’m not sure about the streets, but whenever we’re in town we usually stop for drinks at the Crystal Palace Saloon, and I hate going to the restrooms located in the back of the building.  Walking down the hallway to the restrooms always gives me the creeps and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Haunted or imagination?  I’m never quite sure.  We did the Bird Cage Theater ghost tour, it was fun, but we didn’t really have a ghostly experience.  But here’s a YouTube video called Haunted Birdcage Theatre Ghosts caught on film !!! and the theater was featured on the TV show about haunted places.

Arkansas 365 Courtesy of Arkansas.com

Arkansas 365
Courtesy of Arkansas.com

Arkansas – Hwy 365

Watch YouTube Video:  Top 5 Most Haunted HighWays in the US

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Driving along Arkansas 365  in Woodson, just south of Little Rock can turn into a paranormal experience.

Motorists driving this road on dark rainy nights have claimed to have encountered a young girl on the roadside.  They give her a lift, she tells them where she must go, but when they get to the destination the girl has vanished.

I think just about every town has a similar story, here in Hawaii it’s said that Madame Pele, the volcano goddess, has been seen asking for rides along many of our roads.

Haunted Places


California – Disneyland

Year Built:  1955

Watch YouTube Video:  Disneyland Ghost | Real Ghosts Caught on Video

Address: 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

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California has many haunted places including Alcatraz in San Francisco and the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, but I would never had thought of Disneyland as a haunted place.

It is said that the “Happiest Place on Earth” is truly haunted.  The Space Mountain Ride and the women’s employee locker room is said to be haunted by a man who died on the ride in the 1970s and The Christmas Shop on Main Street, Tom Sawyer’s Island, and Tomorrowland all house a spook or two.

Stanley Hotel Estes Park, Colorado Courtesy of onlyinyourstate.com

Stanley Hotel Estes Park, Colorado
Courtesy of onlyinyourstate.com

Colorado – Stanley Hotel

Year Built: 1909

Watch YouTube Video:  HAUNTING AT STANLEY HOTEL(100% Real) Room 418

Address:  333 E Wonderview Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517

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The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is hands down the most famous haunted hotel in the Rockies.  This sprawling luxury hotel that opened in 1909 is a favorite with dignitaries and ghost hunters.

This hotel inspired author Stephen King to write his bestselling book “The Shining”. Today there are many stories of paranormal activity, particularly in room 217.

haunted places

Union Cemetery
Easton, Connecticut
Courtesy of damnedct.comYear Built: 1700s

Connecticut – Union Cemetery

Watch YouTube Video:  The White Lady of Easton, Connecticut – Union Cemetery

Address:  Easton, CT 06612

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Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut is said to be the most haunted spot in the state and possibly the most haunted cemetery in the country.

The famed “White Lady” is said to wander this 400 year old cemetery.


Haunted places

Fort Delaware
Courtesy of Haunted Houses.com

Delaware – Fort Delaware

Year Built:  1848

Watch  YouTube Video:  Fort Delaware Paranormal Investigation

Address:  Delaware City, DE 19706

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Fort Delaware sits on Pea Patch Island just off Delaware City.  Built in 1848 and decommissioned in 1943 this fort was never attacked.  It did house has many as 16,000 prisoners at one time.

Reached only by ferry today Fort Delaware is part of the Delaware Park System.  No one lives there anymore, just the ghosts of past inhabitants.

The park services offers ghost hunting tours on the island.  Click here for more info!

haunted places

Round Cypress Head
Courtesy of anoldent’s flickr photostream

Florida – Round Cypress Head

Read more from Ghost Stories and Folk Lore of Florida

This particular bend of the St. John’s River in Seminole County, Florida with a cluster of cypress trees, is known as Round Cypress Head.  Many have said they have witnessed paranormal activities in this dark dank area of cypress woods.  It is said that the woods is home to demons and/or witches.  Folks are warned to not venture there for fear of being eaten by these monsters.  Locals claim that fishermen have gone missing in this river and many claim the woods are most definitely haunted.


haunted places

Madison Square Savannah, Georgia Courtesy of Onyinyourstae.com

Georgia – Madison Square

Year Built:  1837

Watch YouTube video:  Savannah: Madison Square, Sorrel Weed House & Jones Street

Address:  332 Bull St. Savannah, Georgia 31401

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The quaint southern city of Savannah is arguably the most haunted city in Georgia.
Known for its southern charm and hospitality along with its antebellum architecture many of it’s historic buildings and spaces are said to host a specter or two.

Madison Square was the site of a Revolutionary Battle and British soldiers were buried there.  Shadowy figures are said to be lingering in the park.

Haunted places

Hilton Hawaiian Village

Hawaii – Hilton Hawaiian Village

Year Built:  1957

Address:  2005 Kalia Rd, Honolulu, HI 96815

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Steeped in legends and lore from ancient Hawaiian days to missionary days and beyond the 50th. State has its own host of haunted places.  Night Marchers are said to walk the land at night and Madame Pele the volcano goddess can be frightening or almost playful.

The islands are filled with many haunted places including schools, bridges, libraries, drive-in movie lots, and hotels.

The luxurious Hilton Hawaiian Village is said to be one such place. Folks have reportedly seen the Lady in Red wandering the halls or even the beach.  It’s said she could have been a guest who tragically died at the hotel or Madame Pele herself.

haunted places

Idaho State Penitentiary
Courtesy of onlyinyyoustate

Idaho – Idaho State Penitentiary

Year Built:  1870

Watch YouTube Video:  Old Boise Penitentiary Ghost Hunting July 2011

Address:  2445 Old Penitentiary Rd, Boise, ID 83712

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The Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise is supposedly the most haunted prison in the state.

Constructed in 1870 and added to over the years this prison has seen more than its fair share of violence.  It is said the hauntings began soon after the riots that started to erupt within the prison walls in 1935.

haunted places

Nelly Dunton Home
Courtesy of Mysterious Heartland

Illinois – Nelly Dunton Home

Year Built:  1843

Address:  401 E. Lincoln St., Belvidere, Illinois

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The Nellie Dunton Home in Belvidere, Illinois is said to be haunted by this broken hearted woman who lived here before the Civil War.  Folks claim to see her in the house and around the neighborhood.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]



Haunted places

French Lick Springs Hotel Indiana
Courtesy of Haunted Places.org

Indiana – French Lick Springs Hotel

Year Built:  1845


Address:  8670 IN-56, French Lick, IN 47432

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French Lick Springs Hotel is a historic resort in the town of French Lick, Indiana.  Among the paranormal activities here it is said that its former owner lingers in the service elevator.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Haunted places

Iowa State University

Iowa – ISU

Founded: 1858

Watch YouTube Video:  Haunted ISU

Address:  Ames, IA 50011

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Originally known as Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts when it was founded in 1858, Iowa State University (it was renamed in 1959) is known for its agriculture, engineering, and science programs.

It is also home to the ghost of Frederika Shattuck who was said to haunt the theater named after her for her contributions to the theater department.  Shattuck Theater was torn down hence this other worldly being has moved to the Fisher Theater on campus.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Hutchinson Public Library Courtesy of Mysterious Heartland

Hutchinson Public Library
Courtesy of Mysterious HeartlandYear Built:  1938Watch Video:  Sherrie Curry from Wichita Paranormal Society

Kansas – Hutchinson Public Library

Address:  901 N Main St, Hutchinson, KS 67501

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The Hutchinson Public Library in Hutchinson, Kansas is said to be haunted by its former librarian named Ida Day.  Locals say she wanders the building sometimes sorting or looking thru books

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Waverly Hills Sanitorium Louisville, Kentucky Courtesy of Only in your state

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Louisville, Kentucky
Courtesy of Only in your state

Kentucky – Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Year Built:  1910

Watch YouTube Video:  Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghost Spirit Apparitions Paranormal

Address:  4400 Paralee Ln, Louisville, KY 40272

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The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky opened in 1910 to house victims of the Tuberculosis Epidemic.  Over 63,000 people including patients, doctors, and nurses died there.  The death toll in this building is comparable to a battle field, it’s no wonder it is said to be haunted.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Bonnie & Clyde Massacre Site Gibsland, Louisianna Courtesy of Only in Your State

Bonnie & Clyde Massacre Site
Gibsland, Louisianna
Courtesy of Only in Your State

Louisiana – Hwy 154


Address:  Hwy 154, Gibsland, LA

Directions: (Courtesy of Roadside America)
From Gibsland, drive south 2.5 miles on Hwy 154. Turn right to stay on Hwy 154 (If you go straight you’ll be on Hwy 517. If you pass the Springfield Baptist Church you’ve driven too far). Follow Hwy 154 another 5.5 miles. You’ll see the monument on the right.

From haunted bayous to voodoo queens, Louisiana is host to many ghosts, and goblins, and other things that go bump in the night.  The historic city of New Orleans is home to the blues and filled with many quaint shops and restaurants, it’s also steeped in mystery.  Walking down the streets of the French Quarter on a foggy night can be very creepy.  I know we were creeped out one dark and foggy February night as we walked down Decatur Street.   You get kind of an eerie feeling and if you’re not careful your imagination might kick into high gear!

But did you know that it was in this state where the infamous duo Bonnie and Clyde met their end?  This lone stone in Gibsland, Louisiana marks the ambush site.  Legend has it that on nights when the moon is full you can still hear the gunfire.

Haunted places

Ellis Pond East Andover, Maine
Courtesy of Viktor Posnov / Flickr

Maine – Ellis Pond

Watch YouTube Video:  Ellis pond ghosts?

Address:  2 Medawisla Way, Roxbury, ME 04275, USA

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Ellis Pond, also known as Roxbury Pond in serene East Andover, Maine is said to be haunted.  Visitors walking along the shores have reported hearing or feeling a presence even when they are alone.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Haunted Places

Antietam Battlefield in Maryland
Courtesy of Mindie Burgoyne

Maryland – Antietam National Battlefield

Watch YouTube Video: Antietam National Battlefield Ghost Voice

Address: 302 E Main St, Sharpsburg, MD 21782

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There are hundreds of haunted places in the small state of Maryland, but the Antietam Battlefield is possibly the most haunted.  Over 23,000 souls lost their lives here making it the site of America’s bloodiest single day battle.  It’s no wonder those poor souls still wander the field and battle sounds can reportedly still be heard.

Today it’s a National Battlefield and is part of the US National Park System.


Lizzie Borden House Falls River, Massachusetts Courtesy of Haunted Places

Lizzie Borden House Falls River, Massachusetts
Courtesy of HauntedPlaces.org

Massachusetts – Lizzie Borden House

Year Built: 1845

Watch YouTube Video:  Haunted Lizzie Borden House Ghost EVP Caught On Camera Paranormal Investigation

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Site of one of the most infamous double ax murders in American History, the Lizzie Borden House in Falls River, Massachusetts is now a Bed and Breakfast.

I would be surprised if it wasn’t haunted.  It is reported that guests have seen apparitions in the house.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Haunted places

Landmark Inn Marquette, Michigan
Courtesy of Only in Your State

Michigan – Landmark Inn

Year Built:  1930

Watch YouTube Video:  Landmark Hotel’s Haunted/Scary Lilac Room

Address:  230 N Front St, Marquette, MI 49855

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Famed pilot Amelia Earhart was a guest at The Landmark Inn, located in Marquette, Michigan before she mysteriously disappeared somewhere over the Pacific Ocean in 1937.

They say that she sometimes shows up in room 502.

haunted places

Forepaugh’s Restaurant St. Paul, Minnesota
Courtesy of Only In Your State

Minnesota – Forepaugh’s Restaurant

Year Built:  1870

Watch YouTube Video:  A Psychic Reading of a St. Paul Restaurant with Jodi Livon

Address:  276 Exchange St S, St Paul, MN 55102

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Staff and diners claim this St. Paul, Minnesota restaurant is haunted by the building’s former owner and his mistress who committed suicide here in 1892.

Back then it was the home to Joseph Forepaugh, today it is Forepaugh’s Restaurant.

Haunted Places

Stuckey’s Bridge Enterprise, Mississippi

Mississippi – Stuckey’s Bridge

Year Built:  1901

Watch YouTube Video:  My experience at Stuckeys Bridge

Address:  Stuckey Bridge Rd, Chunky, MS

Directions:  (Courtesy of Roadside America)

I-20 exit 121 south. Turn left onto Hwy 80, drive east two miles, then turn right onto Point Winata Lake Rd. Drive seven miles and turn left onto Stuckey Bridge Rd. The road will turn to gravel and will dead-end at the bridge.

Stucky’s Bridge in Enterprise, Mississippi is said to be haunted by the inn-keeper named Stucky. He supposedly robbed and murdered guests who stayed at his inn.  He was caught and hanged on this bridge.

Haunted places

Truman House Independence, Missouri

Missouri – Truman House

Year Built:  1867

Watch YouTube Video:  Real haunted houses:President Truman’s House, Independence, Missouri

Address:  223 N Main St, Independence, MO 64050

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This 14 room Victorian mansion in Independence, Missouri is now a museum.  It was the home of President Truman, and of course it is said to be haunted by the President himself.  Today it’s a National Historic Park and is part of the US National Park System.

Haunted places

Little Bighorn Battlefield Crow Agency, Montana

Montana – Little Bighorn

Watch YouTube Video:  Ghost of Custer

Address: Interstate 90 Frontage Rd, Crow Agency, MT 59022

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The scene of the historic battle known commonly as Custer’s Last Stand the Little Bighorn Battlefield in Montana is home to many spirits.  Apparitions and Native American war cries have been reported here.  Today it is a National Monument and is part of the US National Park System.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

haunted places

Brother Sebastian’s Steak House & Winery
Omaha, Nebraska

Nebraska – Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse

Year Built:  1977

Watch YouTube Video:  Haunted Places In Nebraska

Address: 1350 S 119th St, Omaha, NE 68144

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Brother Sebastian’s, a restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska is said to be haunted by Bill Walden, a regular patron who passed away but still frequents the joint.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, NevadaYear Built:  1945

Nevada – Flamingo Hotel

Watch YouTube Video:   Las Vegas hotel room The Flamingo Presidential Suite…haunted?

Address: 3555 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Billy Wilkerson, owner of the Hollywood Reporter and several night clubs in Los Angeles started building the original Flamingo Hotel in 1945.  Due to high costs Mr. Wilkerson soon ran into financial trouble.  He was “persuaded” to take on partners by none other than the famed mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.  The hotel was given the nickname of Bugsy’s girlfriend Virginia Hill who the story claims he called Flamingo due to her dyed red hair.  He built himself a fortified apartment in the hotel but was gunned down on a trip to Los Angeles.

The hotel is supposedly haunted by none other than Bugsy himself.  He reportedly haunts the Bugsy or Presidential Suite which is rumored to have the gold bathroom fixtures he had in his apartment at the original hotel.  He has also been seen in the gardens by his memorial and at the wedding chapel where his apartment was supposedly located.

We’ve stayed at the Flamingo Hotel many times, back in the late 1990’s, before the Bellagio opened.  We’ve never stayed in the Presidential Suite so I can’t say if it’s haunted or not.  But recently we stopped by with our grandsons and walked around the gardens, we didn’t see any ghosts.

haunted places

Huntress Hall Keene, New Hampshire

New Hampshire – Huntress Hall

Year Built:  1926

Watch YouTube Video:  Haunted Places In New Hampshire

Address: Appian Way, Keene, NH 03431

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Built in 1926 at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire this college dorm called Huntress Hall is said to be haunted by its namesake Harriet Hunter.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

haunted places

Hindenburg Crash Site Lakehurst, New Jersey

New Jersey – Hindenburg Crash Site

Watch YouTube Video:  Ghost Hunters S5 E25 Hindenburg Crash Site

Address:  2650 Hwy 547, Lakehurst, NJ

Directions: (Courtesy of Roadside America)
To tour the crash site you need to call the Navy Lakehurst Historical Society at least two weeks in advance to register and be approved (U.S. citizens only): 732-818-7520. At the Lakehurst Naval Air Engineering Station. Garden State Parkway exit 81A (Lakehurst/Toms River) to Hwy 37 West. At the traffic circle, follow the signs to US Hwy 70 W., then turn right onto Hwy 547 (McDonalds on left). The entrance to the base will be on the left.

One fateful evening, May 6, 1937, the airship Hindenburg caught fire and crashed killing 36 people.  Today it is said that screams can still be heard at the crash site in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

haunted places

Chaco Canyon New Mexico

 New Mexico – Chaco Canyon

Watch YouTubeVideo:  The Ghosts Of The Anasazi

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Chaco Canyon National Historic Park in New Mexico is an eerie place.  It’s haunting beauty and great stone work is a testament to past ages.  Folks claim to have the eerie feeling of being followed while visiting this park.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Haunted places

The Dakota New York City

New York – The Dakota

Year Built:  1884

Watch YouTube Video: The Dakota Apartments in NYC

Address: 1 W 72nd St, New York, NY 10023

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Built in 1884 the Dakota is one of the most sought out residences in New York City. This landmark building built in gothic style architecture was where the horror movie “Rosemarie’s Baby” was filmed.  But it’s most known as the building where former Beatle John Lennon lived and was shot and killed on December 8, 1980.

It is said that the famous musician sometimes appears to the building’s residents, although he is not this building’s most famous ghost.  That honor belongs to the two children dressed in late 19th. century style  who have been seen since the 1960’s.  It’s not sure who the children are, but it is assumed that they were once residents of the building, more likely around the time it was constructed.

haunted places

Carolina Inn Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Courtesy of Haunted Places.org

North Carolina – Carolina Inn

Year Built:  1924

Watch YouTube Video:  Haunted Carolina Inn

Address: 211 Pittsboro St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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Built in 1924 Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is said to be haunted by no fewer than 20 ghosts. The most famous one is that of Dr. William Jacocks.  He lived in room 256.  He pulls pranks and locks guests out of his former room, even after it was renovated in 1990.  The room was partitioned to become part of 4 other rooms and electronic locks were installed to prevent such pranks.  No go, he still manages to jam the new locks.

haunted places

Apple Creek Country Club North Dakota
Courtesy of Haunted Places.org

North Dakota – Apple Creek Country Club

Year Built:  1948

Address: 8921 County Rd 10, Bismarck, ND 58501

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Apple Creek Country Club in Bismarck, North Dakota is reportedly haunted by a former chef.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]


haunted places

Big Four Train Depot Galion, Ohio

Ohio – Big Four Train Depot

Year Built:  1900

Address:  Crawford County, Ohio

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The Big Four Train Depot in Galion, Ohio is said to be the most haunted building in town.  It’s seen its share of tragedies and historic events of the town.  Folks claim that at times the building shakes as if a train is passing by.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

haunted places

Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City

Oklahoma – Skirvin Hilton

Year Built:  1911

Watch YouTube Video:  The “Haunted” Skirvin Hotel

Address:  1 Park Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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Guests at the Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma City, Okalhoma claim to hear infant cries and female voices during their stay.  It is thought it’s the ghost of  a former maid who killed herself and her illegitimate child by jumping out of one of the windows of the hotel.

Haunted Places

Bagdad Theatre Portland, Oregon
Courtesy of Haunted Places.org

Oregon – Bagdad Theatre

Year Built:  1927

Address: 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

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Built by Universal Studios in 1927 the Bagdad Theater in Portland, Oregon housed both vaudeville type shows and moving pictures, today it’s a cinema and pub, it also is home to 2 haunts.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

haunted places

George Washington Headquarters Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania – George Washington Headquarters

Year Built:  1700’s

Address:  1400 North Outer Line Drive King of Prussia, PA 19406

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Straight out of history books is Valley Forge.

Every American knows or should know about the hardships the Continental army suffered here during the Revolution.

Today it’s a National  Historical Park in Pennsylvania.  Visitors claim to have seen men dressed in period army dress.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

haunted places

Belcourt Castle Newport, Rhode Island

Rhodes Island – Belcourt Castle

Year Built:  Early 1890s

Watch YouTube Video:  Ghost Hunters E05 Belcourt Castle & Sacco’s Bowl Haven

Address:  657 Bellevue Ave Newport, RI



Though Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island is not really haunted, some of the furnishings and decor is reportedly so.  The objects here have a haunted history including chairs and a suit of armor.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

haunted places

Hotel Aiken Aiken, South Carolina

South Carolina – Hotel Aiken

Year Built:  1878

Watch YouTube Video:  Paranormal Activity Captured in Attic of the Aiken Hotel, Aiken, South Carolina

Address: 235 Richland Ave W, Aiken, SC 29801

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Holley House or the Hotel Aiken in Aiken, South Carolina was built in 1878.  It is reportedly haunted specially on the second floor.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

haunted places

1880 Train Hill City, South Dakota

South Dakota – 1880 Train

Watch YouTube Video:  1880 Train Trip Hill City – Keystone, South Dakota

Address: 222 Railroad Ave, Hill City, SD 57745

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The 1880 Train in Hill City, South Dakota was the first locomotive steam engine brought to the area.  Today the Highliner Eatery is located within the train.  Employees report seeing a spectral in a brown suit.

haunted places

Ryman Auditorium Nashville, Tennessee

Tennessee – Ryman Auditorium

Year Built:  1892

Address: 116 5th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219

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The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennesee is more famously known as the Grand Ole Opry House  because it was the site for the show, was built in 1892.  It is reportedly haunted by none other than Hank Williams, Sr. whose voice has been heard within singing his songs.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

haunted places

The Alamo San Antonio, Texas

Texas – The Alamo

Year Built:  c. 1744

Watch YouTube Video:  The Alamo Ghost

Address: 300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205

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I’m sure just about everyone’s heard of the Alamo located in San Antonio, Texas.

Many American folk heroes including James Bowie and Davy Crockett died here defending the Alamo against the forces of General Santa Ana during the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.  During that battle over 2000 lives were lost.  It’s not a stretch to hear reports of restless spirits wandering here.

haunted places

Mountain Meadows Massacre Site
Central, Utah

Utah – Mountain Meadows Massacre Site

Watch YouTube Video:  Mountain Meadow Massacre Site

Address:  about 35 miles southwest of Cedar City, Utah



Reports claim that the Mormon Militia massacred a group of settlers at this site in Central, Utah in 1857.  Today visitors to the Mountain Meadows Massacre Site report hearing screams in the wind.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

Haunted places

Glastenbury Mountain Bennington County, Vermont

Vermont – Glastenbury Mountain

Watch YouTube Video:  New England Legends: Glastenbury Mountain | Connecting Point | Web Exclusive


Legend has it that Glastenbury Mountain in Shaftsbury, Vermont is believed to be cursed by Native Americans, they used it as a burial ground.  There have been several unsolved disappearances on the hiking trails.  All the trails stop partway up the mountain as if forbidding hikers to continue.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

haunted places

Monticello Charlottesville, Virginia

Virginia – Monticello

Year Built:  c. 1772

Address: 931 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy, Charlottesville, VA 22902

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The beloved home of Thomas Jefferson, Monticello, located outside of Charlottesville, Virginia is said to be haunted by the famous former owner himself.

haunted places

Thornewood Castle Inn Lakewood, Washington

Washington – Thornewood Castle Inn

Year Built:  Over 500 years ago

Watch YouTube Video:  Thornewood Castle 2nd & 3rd Floors Tour (Part 2 of 2) (W.A.P.S.)

Address: 8601 N Thorne Ln SW, Lakewood, WA 98498

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This inn located in Tacoma, Washington is where Stephen King’s movie “Red Rose” was shot.  It’s called the Thornewood Castle Inn and guests and staff have reported seeing strange apparitions and lights.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

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Harper’s Ferry West Virginia

West Virginia – Harper’s Ferry

Watch Video:  Ghosts and Monsters of Harpers Ferry

Address: 171 Shoreline Dr, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

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Harper’s Ferry National Historical Park in West Virginia is on the site known for its battles during the Civil War.  Many apparitions including a marching army have been reported here.

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Maribel Hotel Maribel, Wisconsin

Wisconsin – Maribel Hotel

Year Built: 1800s

Watch YouTube Video:  Visit to Hotel Hell

Address: Maribel, WI 54227

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Built in the 1800s and rumored to have been owned by Al Capone the Maribel Hotel in Maribel, Wisconsin burned down in the 1920s.  It’s rumored that it’s haunted.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

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Bighorn Medicine Wheel
Bighorn, Wyoming

Wyoming – Bighorn Medicine Wheel

Watch YouTube Video:  Big Horn Mountains Medicine Wheel.wmv

Address:  Big Horn National Forest, Wyoming

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Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Big Horn, Wyoming is said to be at least 12,000 years old.  It’s not known who built it.  Legend has it that if you fast within the circle for 4 days ancient spirits will come to you.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

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Ford Theater Washington DC

Washington DC – Ford Theater

Year Built:  c. 1863

Watch YouTube Video:  The Most Famous and Mysteries Ghost Photograph of Abraham Lincoln and The Story of Lincoln’s Ghost

Address: 511 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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Although it’s not a state this post wouldn’t be complete without a haunted place in Washington D.C.

Our Nation’s Capital is not lacking for haunted places, many of them famous, or more appropriately infamous.

At the top of the list would be Ford’s Theater where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.  It is said his footsteps can still be heard echoing up the back stairs to the President’s Box.

I’ve taken you thru the states from A-W and the District of Columbia.  Each state has many more haunted places, let me know if  you’ve visited any of them!

For a list of scary places around the world check out this post by Michele Smarty.  It’s awesome!

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