Getting Around from the Mykonos Cruise Port

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Mykonos Cruise Port

Your on a dream Mediterranean Cruise aboard one of the megaships that sail the seas these days and your ship is headed for Mykonos; what now?

I know you’re ready to hit the beaches, shops, and restaurants on this wonderful Greek Island.  But first you have to get off the ship and actually get to where you want to go.  Before you can do that you need to determine exactly where your ship is docking or if it’s even docking at all.

Cruise ships will either dock at the new Mykonos Cruise Port (Tourlos Pier) or anchor off the coast.  If your ship is anchoring you will be tendered off the ship and straight into town. Tenders  usually disembark passengers at the Old Port  by the Town Hall.  So if you’re tendered you don’t have to worry about getting into town to see the sights or catch local transportation to your preferred destination.

However if your ship is docking at the Mykonos Cruise Port read on, there’s a few things you need to know!

1.  The new Mykonos Cruise Port is located towards the North side of the island, not very close to the town of Chora which is where almost everything you’ll need for the day is located.  (Bars, restaurants, shops, car rentals, hotels, etc.)

Mykonos Cruise Port

2.  Walking from the Mykonos Cruise Port to Chora is not recommended.  Yes, I’ve seen many people trek from ship to town, it’s about a half hour walk.

If you’re thinking of walking you need to be aware that there are no sidewalks once you get on the road to town, sort of hair raising in my opinion as you’ll be walking with traffic.



3.  There may be a few taxis right outside the gate of the Mykonos Cruise Port, specially in the morning when the ship arrives.  However as the day wears on there may not be taxis waiting at the port.  You can call them, they’re usually pretty good about picking up cruise passengers from the  port.  Taxi fare to and from Chora is about €5-7 per vehicle, confirm the price before getting in.  If the taxi is metered be sure the driver turns on the meter.

Mykonos Cruise Port4.  When there’s a ship docked at the Mykonos Cruise Port there’s  local shuttle service that will take you from ship to town. The round trip fare is €10 per person and can be purchased just before you board the bus. (Be sure you keep the return ticket, otherwise you’ll have to purchase another one).  Shuttle buses run every 15-30 minutes.

These shuttle buses fill up fast, specially from the port in the morning and from town in the afternoons.  You may want to time your trip to town to avoid the long shuttle bus lines.

Shuttle buses drop off passengers at the Bus Terminal on the north end of town, it’s a short walk from there to the town center.  You can catch a return shuttle at the same place where you were dropped off.


Mykonos Cruise Port

5.  The Sea Bus is the last option to get to and from the Mykonos Cruise Port.  The Sea Bus stop is located right outside the port gate.  You can’t miss it, look for the blue tent and white information booth.





mykonos cruise port

Tickets are purchased at the booth cost €2 per person each way. You can buy roundtrip tickets for €4 per person or you can purchase the return at the ticket booth at the Old Port in town.  Sea Buses run every 15-30 minutes and will take you to the Old Port in Chora, from there you can walk to town or catch a ferry to Delos.

Once you get to town there are so many things to do.  You can rent a car or ATV and explore the rest of the island; take a cab or bus to one of the beautiful beaches; wander the charming alleys that wind around the little village; or simply grab a seat at one of the cafes and relax!



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