Fun Day at Ski Dubai

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Ski Dubai

SkiOnly in Dubai can you ski, sled, and snowboard in the middle of the dessert when the outside temperature hits 100+ F. degrees.

Ski Dubai, located in the Mall of the Emirates, one of the world’s largest malls, lets you do all that and more.  It’s a must do, or at the very least must see, sight in Dubai.  It’s the world’s most exotic ski resort and is home to one of the longest indoor ski slopes in the world.
Whenever we’re in town with the grandkids we’re sure to spend a day or two at Ski Dubai.  There’s so much to do there it keeps the boys happy and occupied for hours.

SkiThey have rides and activities for toddlers, young kids, teens, and adults.

My 2 year old grandson had so much fun on the toboggan!

Ski7 year old Devon loves them too!

Mini toboggan slopes for the little ones!  You don’t have to worry about safety, there’s lots of attendants to help kids get on and off the rides safely.

We all, except Jett, loved rolling down the slope in this giant air filled ball.


For a bird’s eye view hop on a ski chair lift.  It takes you all the way up the slope, stopping to let skiers and boarders off at the top, then back down to where you started.

SkiYou can see all the skiers and snowboarders from the lift.

SkiSeveral times a day there’s a penguin show featuring the resident King and Gentoo penguins from Antarctica.  For a more up close look and personal time with the penguins you can book a Penguin Encounter starting at 175 AED per person.

Playing in the snow is always fun, there’s a snow park area away from the crowds where you can build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or make a snow angel.

If you like they offer ski and snowboarding classes for young and old.  Or if you’re an experienced skiier head over to the lifts and ski your heart’s content.

And if you get hungry or thirsty there’s a snack bar within the park that sells hot chocolate and other snacks.  For something a bit more substantial there are many restaurants just outside the park and the food court is one floor up.

SkiThe fun begins in the park’s mall entrance where you can purchase tickets and rent a locker.  You might just be greeted by the polar bear!


 SkiGeneral Admission starts at 250AED for adults and children. Kids under 2 are not permitted in the park.

There are separate admission prices for certain rides such as the Snow Bullet (a zipline ride down the slope) 150AED, or it can be included in one of the packages offered.

There’s also slope passes for experienced skiers starting at 200AED for adults and 170AED for kids.

Penguin Encounters start at 175AED, but that doesn’t include park admission.

Ski lessons start at 150AED

SkiAdmission includes the use of ski pants and jacket, ski boots, and helmets (kids under 12 must wear a helmet in the park). It also includes a pair of disposable socks and a voucher for a pair of gloves from the gift shop.

You can also purchase tickets online to avoid the lines at the ticket counter.  You just have to exchange your ticket for the passcard that you will need to get into the park.  Lockers can’t be rented online.

There are changing rooms and restrooms before the park entrance.  Lockers can be rented for 25AED a day plus a refundable key deposit.

If you have a stroller there’s a stroller park on the left before the ticket counter.  Register with the attendant who will give you a tag and claim ticket for your stroller.

We usually begin the day at the gift shop to pick up a pair of gloves.  We have a bunch of them, but we always seem to misplace them.

SkiThen we gear up.  Grab your gear from the counter.  The attendant is pretty good estimating sizes, but try on the boots before you leave just to be sure they fit comfortably.
Gear in tow we head to the locker area.  There are benches in front of the lockers so you can get into your snow gear. (At this point we always have the kids use the restrooms, it’s a pain to have to undress them when they need to use the bathroom and there are no bathrooms in the park).

Once you’re dressed and your belonging stowed in a locker you can grab a helmet from the shelves on your way to the park entrance.  You will need your passcard to get in and out of the park, there’s a zipped pocket on the sleeve of the jacket to keep the card safe, locker keycard fits there too.

SkiScan your passcard at the turnstiles and you’re icy adventure is about to begin!  Right thru those sealed glass doors and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to an Alpine winter wonderland!

SkiYou can wander thru the snow caves and have a look at the giant ice sculpture before heading into the main park.  Photographers are lurking every where, have them snap as many pictures as  you want, you’re not obligated to buy any.  You can check the pictures later at the photo booth before you go home for the day.
Once you enter the main park look out for an available sled.  It comes in handy for towing small kids around.

 SkiThe activity areas are clustered at the foot of the slopes with separate areas for the little kiddie rides.  There are signs pointing to the different rides, you may have to grab a tube for some of the rides, there are single and double tubes available.  You can walk up the slope or hop on the conveyer belt.  There are attendants at every ride, they will instruct you how you must sit and help you down the slopes.

When you get chilled or just need a break you can exit the park at anytime.  You don’t have to remove all the gear if you’re planning to return after you warm up or have had a bite to eat.

When your day is done just drop the pants, jacket, and boots in one of the bins located in the changing areas.  You can keep or toss the socks and gloves.

SkiOn your way out you can try your luck at the ring toss game for a chance to win a plush penguin.  I believe the bucket of rings cost about 20AED.  Dion tried his luck and won a medium sized bird.

By this ring toss game you’ll find the photo center.  Scan the wrist bands you were given with each photo.  You can view your photos on the screen and choose the ones you want.  There are several packages to choose from, and you can also purchase a disk or thumb drive loaded with your photos.  If you took lots of photos this might be more economical.
You can stop by the gift kiosk or wander over to the gift shop for a souvenir or two.  Magnets start at 10AED.  We always end up with a magnet or two and several plush penguins when we go.
On your way out don’t forget to drop your locker key off at the automated booth to get the refund on your deposit.
We love Ski Dubai, it’s a nice change in the summer when the Dubai heat can be unbearable.  It’s a bit pricey, as most Dubai attractions are, but it’s worth it!

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