Florence With Kids – 6 Family Friendly Activities

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FlorenceFlorence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, is arguably one of the greatest cities of Europe.

Walking around this city is like walking thru an outdoor museum filled with iconic sculptures, paintings, and architecture.  Every where you look I’m sure you’ll catch a glimpse of something beautiful.

Florence is definitely an art lover’s dream.  Works by the great Renaissance Masters are housed within the museums in the city; the most famous being Michelangelo’s David in the  Galleria dell’Accademia and Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” at the Uffizi Gallery.  And let’s not forget the Duomo whose magnificent red dome by Brunelleschi dominates the nearby skyline.

There are many things to do and see in Florence, but what about the kids?  Sure it’s a great time to introduce the kids to the great masterpieces, but realistically just how many museums can you drag them thru before their eyes glaze over and they get bored?  I know even I get museum overload after visiting more than 2 museums, that’s why we like to mix it up with other fun activities, specially if the kids are with us.

But don’t worry, Florence is fun for kids too!  Here are 6 activities you can enjoy with the kids while you’re in Florence!

florenceGo ahead introduce the kids to the Masters in the Uffizi Gallery, then walk over next door to the Children’s Museum in the Palazzo Vechio.

The Children’s Museum brings the renaissance city to life with demonstrations of how the Medici lived and ruled.

Or opt for a visit to the Palazzo Strozzi.  The museum is designed to be very family friendly and offers tours and activities geared for its young visitors.  You can pick up a free Drawing Kit from the information point or download a Family Kit before you go.  The kit has games and activities you can play as it guides you thru the exhibits.

Download the free kit here!



florenceThe Leonardo Da Vinci Museum is another museum the kids will enjoy.

The small museum not far from the Duomo have interactive reproductions of some the machines and vehicles designed by the great renaissance genius Leonardo.



florenceSkip the museums in the Pitti Palace and head straight for the Boboli Gardens.

The Boboli isn’t your ordinary garden.  Here you’ll find grottos, fish ponds, sculptures, and lush lawns. Before you go grab some paninos and drinks from the nearby delis and have a picnic lunch in the garden.

Tickets to the gardens allow you admission to some of the museums and exhibits in the Pitti Palace.




FlorenceClimb to the top of the Duomo or the neighboring Bell Tower for some fabulous views of the city.

You can buy a combo ticket that gives you access to all the attractions of the Duomo including the Baptisery, Crypt, and Dome.  Reservations are mandatory if you plan on climbing the Dome, they are recommended if you plan to climb the bell tower.[spacer height=”-20px”]









florenceRide the antique carousel at Piazza della Repubbica.

The kids and adults love it!  I can’t even remember how many times we rode it, the kids wouldn’t get off!  You can buy tickets at the carousel.[spacer height=”-20px”]




florenceAnd best of all have some Gelato!









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