Five Exceptional Adventures For Those Traveling Solo

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The first thing you need to figure out if you’re traveling solo regards your means of travel, and the “when”. It is December the 14th as of this writing. In about three or four days, Holiday commuters will clog roadways, airports, bus stations, and trains—in a lot of places this is happening already. If you don’t plan in advance, you could find yourself in the lurch—here are five holiday traveling tips.


Once you’ve got your travel ironed out, it’s time to look at how you’re transporting your goods. If you’re traveling internationally, eliminate the hassle of baggage through; according to the site, they can: “…arrange a collection of your excess baggage and deliver your belongings anywhere in the world with full online tracking; from Australia to [the] UK, or France to [the] USA.”


All the details figured out, now it’s time to think about some possible travel adventures for the solo traveler which can be downright exhilarating!



1: Live Where You Roam

Of course, today many people avoid air travel, but you can always go by sea if you like! Something really popular now involves bringing your “room and board” with you—via RV. You don’t have any luggage considerations then, and you do grow to be pretty savvy of traffic over time. It’s a perfect way to spend a year if you can budget it.


You get to travel where you wish, do what you want, meet who you want, see what you like, and have all manner of crazy adventures. Especially if you play an instrument, or are some kind of performer, you can find all kinds of exciting opportunities and communities wherever you go.


This itself is an adventure! And you can find an RV for cheap. If you can budget $14k plus food and gas, you can do it for a year pretty successfully. That will cover the total cost of a cheap, late-model RV (1970 – 1990), repairs, taxes, and the occasional “oops”.


2: For Those Who Fly…

However, not everyone has that kind of luxury in terms of conveyance or time, and often folks must maximize their leisure shortly. What can be a great thing to do is to shoehorn in some “bucket list” adventures, like chartering a private jet!


For example, there’s private jet charter services by Stratos Jet Charters. You can travel to some unique locale not really accessible any other way—this is an increasingly common mode of travel; according to the site: “Today, people who fly on private jets have more choices than ever when it comes to charter brokers. Where there were once just a handful of us, now there are dozens.”


3: Natural Exploration

Anywhere you go will have some exceptional natural feature worth seeing. You may find some wonders are more wondrous than others—get in the habit of checking something out geographically whenever you’re traveling solo, though. This can be quite exciting.

For example, have you been up and down the West Coast at all? Did you check out the Redwoods? That experience is downright spiritual. It’s a must for any avid traveler at least once.


4: Cultural Exploration

Get off the tourist strip and downtown for some nightlife every once in a while. Go on a Friday and you’ll stumble into live shows, karaoke, and stimulating conversation that can lead to further activities with new friends. Be careful, of course—but you can really get into some intrigue, and learn how those in differing places truly live!


5: Architectural Wandering

Have you ever been in a big city, seen all the big buildings, and wondered what they looked like inside? Well…why don’t you go check? You can actually explore a lot of large buildings simply by walking in and looking around. Granted, you can get in trouble this way, too—think it through before you do anything! But for exhilaration, you can definitely find some highlights. Many buildings will let you check out the roof, if you ask the right people. Other times, there’s a public route to do the same. Google it to give yourself some direction.


New Experiences

The point of travel is to find something new, and adventurous. It’s to learn, it’s to broaden your horizons. So above all, hit the road with two things foremost in your mind: strategic self-preservation, and an openness that is willing to explore.




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