Embark On 5 Exceptional Activities To Discover Dubai

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Of the seven emirates comprising the UAE, Dubai ranks second in population. It is renowned for its relatively secular and westernized nature as compared to its Islamic neighbors. While it remains an Islamic state, Dubai does not enforce the same strict Sharia practices as other emirates, which mandate that women cover their heads in public.

Dubai boasts of having the most extravagant architecture globally, with the Burj Khalifa as its crown jewel and the tallest building in the world. The city has established a universe of opulent hotels, shopping malls, amusement parks, and entertainment arenas.

Dubai is a haven of extravagance and excitement that merits a pilgrimage. While the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, and the enormous Mall of Dubai – home to designer shops and upscale department stores – are must-visits, there’s more to explore. Sip on cocktails at the renowned Burj al Arab, which boasts the rare distinction of being the world’s sole 7-star luxury hotel. Or, head to Atlantis’s Aquapark for an adventure. If you’re seeking something off the beaten path, keep reading!

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Dubai with these Five distinct activities!

Experience an exhilarating adventure of dune bashing by leaving the city and exploring the desert in an air-conditioned SUV.

Embark on an exciting adventure with a group of thrill-seekers, as you get picked up from your hotel by an amiable driver. The desert beckons as you set out on your journey in the early morning or late afternoon, ready to join the caravan of daredevils. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping experience as you take on the desert dunes.

Gaze upon the desert from a vantage point for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Witness the sunrise or sunset, and watch as the sand dunes shift into shadows and the skies transform into a myriad of colors. An awe-inspiring, magnificent sight to behold!

While it’s possible to ride a camel at a Renaissance fair or zoo, there’s nothing quite like experiencing the majesty of these “ships of the desert” in their natural habitat. Riding a camel in the vast expanse of the desert is an experience unlike any other.

Riding the sandy waves of the desert is an exhilarating experience, though the arduous task of hauling one’s board back up the dune is a drawback. The optimal period for this activity is during the late afternoon, just before sunset when the sand is not scorching hot.

Dubai sets itself apart as one of the select locations globally with an indoor ski facility. But what’s more astounding is that this indoor ski park is based in the heart of the desert. For a complete Dubai experience, a visit to Ski Dubai at the Mall of Emirates is non-negotiable. Even non-skiers can relish the winter-themed rides available, with the bobsled ride ranking as a personal favorite.

If you’re eager to embark on a Dubai adventure, don’t hesitate to enlist the aid of SNTTours in planning and booking.

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