My Favorite Restaurant In Capri Is Da Virginiello

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Italy is my favourite country to visit. I often choose to travel to Capri when traveling to Italy. You can easily spend a day on this scenic island when staying in Rome or onboard a cruise ship. Of course, you can relax on the island as well— just make sure you come back in one piece!

There are plenty of restaurants in Capri; you just have to choose one to eat at each day. Alternatively, you can head to Marina Grande or Anacapri for more options. In both locations, you can find places with great views.

My favorite restaurant is the Virginiello from this island. I first dined there several years ago with my Naples friends Rita and Gemma. They suggested this restaurant when asking taxi drivers for recommendations for local restaurants. Virginiello appears to be the most popular restaurant in the region. My Neapolitan friends gave the place a thumbs-up when they saw a maintained kitchen upon entering. Additionally, they recommended this restaurant when I asked them where I should eat. The first thing you see when walking into this Italian restaurant is the pizza oven and kitchen. My friends warn us not to trust Italian restaurants when their kitchens are kept hidden from the public eye.

Da Virginiello is a non-touristy and unassuming restaurant located along the city’s main streets. This restaurant is not very fancy nor is it frequented by many tourists. In fact, over the years, this restaurant seems to have pick up a significant following with tourists. To begin a meal at this restaurant, guests can expect a clean and tidy dining room with a view. Additionally, they can look forward to tasty home-cooked meals at low prices. However, the most memorable aspect of this restaurant is the friendly staff and taxi drivers who frequent the establishment.

As a tourist myself, I always prepare for possible scams when visiting other countries. Italy is no exception. Despite having great views and high-quality food, many Italian restaurants have ridiculous prices due to the fact that they cater to tourists. Some restaurants even use tools like waving menus with special prices to get customers inside. My son watched the waiters at a Sorrento restaurant microwave their food before he realized that the place is a tourist trap.

Da Virginiello does not perform any microwave cooking— you can watch the pizza maker create your pizza if you wish!

I’ve eaten at this restaurant many times. I’ve taken my guests and family there as well and they all enjoyed it. This restaurant isn’t easy to find since it isn’t near the main tourist area of town. In fact, it’s in the opposite directions. Upon entering the property, you’ll notice an arched gate on your left. Behind it lies the pizza oven and a hallway that leads to the restrooms. You can’t miss this entrance, as it stands out thanks to its arching nature.

Request a table in the lower section with ocean views. The dining room splits into two sections; one large and one small.

The menu is divided into sections based on the courses that it contains. For example, pasta-based first courses are listed under “primi;” other pasta-based dishes are labeled “secondi.” There’s also a section for sides, fillings and dashes listed under “contorni;” a section for drinks is labeled “prenotazioni.” Additionally, when someone has chosen a table to sit in, they can read through the entire menu and place an order through the English translations on each page. They offer a variety of beer and wine choices that are separate from the normal house wine. Each selection is available ala carte, so there isn’t a set meal with starch and vegetables. Instead, they provide the option to order one or two bottles of wine on their own.

Italian meals always start with the antipasto, which consists of cold meats and cheeses. Following that is the primi, which typically consist of pasta dishes such as gnocchi. Additional options include hot starters like soups and salads. My husband enjoys pasta with only tomatoes and basil dry. This is his personal preference and he won’t eat anything else.

My husband loves the Misto, a combination of fried seafood including shrimp, calamari, and fish. He also loves to eat a grilled steak with tomatoes on it. We rarely eat the sides because we need to reserve room for dessert; our favorite part of the meal.

My book always has room for pizza, so I always order a cheese pizza. It’s one of my favorite foods and the price is very reasonable at about 9 Euro per slice. I often share my pizza and first course with my husband. This helps me try multiple dishes without becoming too full.

A popular Italian dessert is the lemon cake; it’s absolutely delicious. Many restaurants utilize the same menu design, which consists of a light lemon cake paired with sweet icing. This cake is found on many menus, but its taste varies among different restaurants. We’ve eaten this cake at two tourist restaurants in Marina Grande— but we’ve had better versions at Da Virginiello. Only another bakery in Positano called Il Panino has a cake that rivals that of the Triboli Bakery. As for their tiramisu, it’s fantastic!

For a group of four paying 90 Euro for dinner, the bill included appetizers, main courses, pizza, water and beer bottles. With a tip included, the cost was even higher. Save money by eating out with friends in major tourist spots. The cost of two average sized meals in these locations averages to approximately the same as one meal.

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