Books Make Great Souvenirs!!!

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Every time I go on a trip I always end up with a ton of souvenirs.  Many of them end up tossed in the back of a closet and forgotten, others cram spaces like my fridge doors (they’re covered with magnets), and my kitchen cabinet (one is dedicated to and overflowing with mugs).  Dishtowels, figurines, placemats, and tea pots I’ve bought them all, and then some.  But my favorite souvenirs are the local books I buy along the way.  I love flipping thru picture books and reading stories of the places I’ve been.

For me the best books are books about local ghosts and haunted places.  They’re pretty easy to find, many times books about local ghosts and hauntings are sold at souvenir shops or bookstore.  Grabbing a book or two may seem like a bulky souvenir, but the books serve double duty when I carry it on the plane and read them on the ride home.
Around this time of year I take out one or two and curl up on my coach by myself or with the grandsons and read a story or two. We all enjoy it!
Most of the links on this post are affiliate links, in case you want to purchase one of the books listed!
For those who prefer to see and do instead of reading check out my post of haunted places in the 50 states.
I live in Hawaii so this is not really a souvenir, but it’s one of my favorites because I been to many of the places mentioned in these books, one of them even has a picture of my good friend taken when she was in high school.
Glen Grant was I guess a local “ghost hunter”  his Obake Files tells chilling tales of things that go bump in the night in the state of Hawaii.
Here’s another good book about Hawaii’s supernatural world.  It’s a good read whether or not you plan to visit our sunny state.
Tombstone’s Most Haunted  tells about ghosts and haunted places in my favorite ghost town.  Check out my post about my visit to the Bird Cage Theater!
Another one of my favorite haunted places is New Orleans, from bayou ghosts to voodoo queens they have it here!  I even love novels that are set in this town!  Haunted New Orleans is a great read to learn about the city’s rich history and of course famous hauntings.
From East to West and North to South Haunted Texas by Scott Williams is a guide to all things haunted in the great state of Texas.
One of the most fun places to visit during Halloween is Salem, Massachusetts.  Home of the in famous Salem Witch Trials the town feels eerie specially at night.  Haunted Salem is a must read before and during a visit to the Witch City.
I think this was one of the first books I bought on vacation and started my quest for books about local hauntings in places I visit.
I can’t count how many times we’ve read the stories in this book Ghosts Washington’s Most Famous Ghost Stories.
It’s nice to curl up to this book on a spooky cold night close to Halloween. Haunted Alaska is a book my grandsons love to read.
I read Haunted London every time we decide to vacation in London.
This city has tons of haunted places.
When we go to London we almost always end up taking the train to Paris, so A Journey thru Haunted France is another one of my must read books before I go.  It’s sort of like reading Angels and Demons before I go to Rome or Inferno on my way to Venice or Istanbul!
I loved listening to my “Lolas” (grandmas) telling tales of ghosts and goonies in the Philippines.  I just had to buy this book when I visited the country.  Filipino Ghost Stories has become one of my favorites.
I believe I got this book from one of the gift shops in Edinburgh last time we were there.  Haunted Castles & Houses of Scotland.
I’ll be heading back to Italy, France, Greece, and Turkey in 2 weeks.  I’m looking forward to finding more books!


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