Atlanta’s Train Museum – Great Place for Train Buffs

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train museum

 If your family is like ours then you must have a few train buffs.  In our case they’re pretty much all the males in the family.  From my husband to the grandsons, they are all train aficionados.  To be honest the females get pretty excited about train rides too.  That’s why a visit to a train museum was on our to do list on our recent visit to Atlanta.

The Southeastern Railway Museum located in suburban Atlanta in Duluth is Georgia’s Official Transportation History Museum.  It not only features trains it also houses old taxis and buses.  (All held interest to our men, young and old).

train museumWe had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours at this train museum this summer. Really a couple of hours is enough, it’s not very big, nor is it very busy.

We started our visit with a short (very short) train ride.  Now who doesn’t get excited about a train ride no matter how short?  My soon to be 3 grandson Jett loved it, but then he’s a big Thomas the Train fan (his room is all about trains, his last birthday party was all about Thomas and friends, and he has a wardrobe of crocheted Thomas hats.)


Notice the big smile on his face, and his Papa’s face, while riding the red caboose!  His cousin Dion, who just turned 14, pretended he wasn’t thrilled about the ride.  I think that’s what teenagers do, but he got into the swing of things soon enough.


train museum

After the train ride we wandered the yard and checked out the trains on display.  You can hop on and explore any train that had a yellow step by it.  It really was quite interesting.  We all remarked how tiny the working/sleeping spaces were on the old locomotives.  Never knew the train engineer slept where he worked!


train museum

It was a hot day so after climbing all the trains that were outdoors, there were quite a few of them, we went into the covered lot that had even more trains.  It wasn’t much cooler, but at least it was shaded.

We found some “newer” passenger trains as well as army and postal trains under the roof.  This was also where you can see old metro buses and an old tractor.


So of course we had to check them all out.  [spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]





Now don’t think you’re done with the train museum after exploring the yard, there’s much more to see inside!  There are cool trains housed inside the huge warehouse type building.  The boys wandered thru the Pullman carriage and checked out the old taxis and antique fire trucks.

Dion really enjoyed this part of the train museum!  Notice his big smile as he looked out the window of the pullman car with Jett!

As we wondered around this huge building Jaime, my daughter and I, found refuge in the air conditioned section that housed small memorabilia.

For us this was the coolest, literally and figuratively, part of the train museum.

It housed a nice collection of uniforms, lanterns, and fine china.

It was amazing to see how the rich and famous traveled on those first class trains.

The dinner menu fascinated us. Really a steak dinner complete with beverage and dessert for $7.95!

We called everyone into this part of the train museum just so we could show them the menu and the china it was served on!  We all thought it was pretty cool.


Before we ended out visit we had to stop by the gift shop.  It’s located in that big warehouse and staffed by a very nice man who I’m guessing is a volunteer.  They had a great assortment of books, t-shirts, and toys, all catering to train buffs.

The younger boys, Jett and Devon, opted for a t-shirt and toy train each.  Dion was definitely too cool to wear t-shirt with a train printed on the front, but he did admit he had a good time.

Tickets to the train museum are $10 for adults and $7 for kids 2-12.  Train rides cost an extra $3 each.

Not a bad way to spend a few hours in Atlanta.

By the way we noticed they can host a birthday party, something my daughter Jenny, who lives in the area might be considering for Devon’s next birthday party.

For more information and directions on how to get there click here!

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