Athens With Kids – 6 Family Friendly Activities

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AthensI’m fairly certain that when most folks think about Athens the first thing that comes to mind is the Acropolis, that world renowned hilltop city that is home to the iconic Parthenon.  And why not?  Almost all tours books about the city boasts a perfect shot of that famous temple dedicated to the goddess Athena on its cover.

Athens is more than just the Acropolis. (Tn case you’re wondering Acropolis literally means city on a hill, it is not the name of the ancient buildings built there.  The historic structures on the Acropolis each have their one name depending on their use, the Parthenon and Erectheion are the most popular.)  Athens is a bustling modern city built around ancient historic sites.  There are many things to see and do in this great city, specially if you’re a history buff.

But what about kids?  What you may ask does Athens have to offer kids?  Well, we’ve taken our kids and grandkids to Athens many times and they love it!

Traveling with kids is the best way to expose them to different cultures, cuisine, and people; and Athens is a great classroom.  Not only do the ancient sites bring history to life for kids (that’s what my grandson Dion tells me), it encourages them to learn more about the culture.

Here are 5 kid friendly activities to do in Athens.  You might want to read a few Greek mythology books to the kids before you go, we always do!

AthensClimb the Acropolis and let the kids scramble among the rocks.  Just be sure they don’t cross the barriers around the structures.



AthensTake a tour of the Panathenaic Stadium.

This stadium is built of fine marble.  It hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and was one of the venues during the 2004 Olympics.

Sports fans will love the tour.  Not only do you tour the venue, you get a glimpse of all the tunnels under the stadium!



athensVisit the Acropolis Museum located at the foot of the Acropolis.

This is a great museum to visit after a trip up the Acropolis.  The museum is dedicated to all the artifacts that were discovered on the Acropolis.  It is home to many of the statues that adorned the various buildings of the citadel.

AthensThe kids will love the entrance to the museum.  They’ll love walking on the glass floors where they can see a current archaeological dig.  Then peek over the sides to see more of the dig.


Grab a free Family Backpack from the museum and set of on the trail of exhibits to complete the challenges.  It’s fun and educational too! Our kids thought the Caryatids (6 statues of Maidens that supported the south porch roof of the Erectheion) were really cool!
AthensDon’t forget to step out on the roof for an amazing view of the Parthenon!  You can even grab a bite at the restaurant there.







Spend a couple of hours wandering thru the galleries of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

The kids loved seeing the statues of their favorite mythological heroes. They thought the bronze fragments from the Antikythera mechanism and the golden death mask of Agamemnon were pretty cool too!



Wander around the Plaka!

This historic Athens neighborhood is built of the slopes of the Acropolis.  It’s the historic heart of Athens that incorporates a maze of streets with ancient sites, neoclassical architecture and monuments, shops, restaurants, and more.

The kids love browsing thru the shops and picking out their souvenirs; statuettes of Greek heroes for Dion, toy swords for Devon, and handmade wooden toys for Jett!





A trip to Athens, or anywhere in Greece for that matter, wouldn’t be complete without sampling the region’s delicious cuisine.

You’ll find many great restaurants, cafés, and tavernas in the Plaka and surrounding districts.

Our favorite dish is Chicken Souvlaki!





What’s your favorite family activity in Athens?  Drop a note and let us know!


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