Athens Has Many Family-Friendly Activities Suitable for Children and Families

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It would make sense that most people associate Athens with its iconic Parthenon temple. The world-famous hilltop city is home to the Acropolis, which is perfectly showcased in nearly every tour book about the city. The name “Athens” refers to more than just the famous Parthenon and Erectheion.

In fact, the ancient buildings on the Acropolis aren’t called the city on a hill; each is named only by its purpose. Athens is a bustling modern city built around many historic sites. It’s a great place to visit as a history buff; there’s lots to do in this city. What about children? You might ask what Athens has to offer.

Well, we took our grandchildren and kids to Athens many times and they love it! Athens is the ideal city for traveling with kids. It’s full of history and culture thanks to its ancient sites, and the family friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to learn about other people, cuisines and traditions. My grandson Dion says seeing the sights encourage him to learn more about Greek culture.

Athens has lots of kid-friendly activities to perform. Beforehand, recommend reading some Greek mythology books to the children. The loose stones and large gaps on the Acropolis provide children ample opportunities to climb. But don’t let them cross the barriers that separate each of the site’s landmarks. The Panathenaic Stadium was one of the venues during the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Additionally, it hosted sporting events at the 2004 Olympics. It is built of fine marble and a popular tour destination. A tour of the sports venue includes seeing the tunnels under the building. This is a popular attraction for sports fans. After climbing the Acropolis, visitors should visit the Acropolis Museum located at the base of the mountain. This is because it’s a great place to take a break and explore after a long trip up the mountain. The museum houses many of the statues found on the Acropolis, such as its displays of art inside the various buildings. It’s also home to all the artifacts discovered on the site. The children will enjoy the view from glass floors that they walk on while visiting the museum.

They can also view an ongoing excavation through the sides by peeking over. The museum provides visitors with a free family backpack set on a trail of educational and entertaining exhibits. This includes the Caryatids, six statues of Maidens that supported the south porch roof of the Erectheion. For additional challenges, set the family pack on top of one of the many dumbbells at the gymnasium. There is a restaurant on the roof; don’t forget to eat there while overlooking the Parthenon.

Additionally, don’t forget to go outside and look at the view from the roof. The National Archaeological Museum of Athens houses many galleries filled with artifacts from Greece’s history. Many of the kids found inspiration in the exhibits featuring wandering figures from Greek mythology. They also enjoyed seeing the bronze fragments of the Antikythera mechanism as well as Agamemnon’s golden death mask. The historic Athens neighborhood is built on the slopes of the Acropolis. It’s one of the city’s historic centerpieces that includes a maze of streets, monuments, restaurants and shops along with other classic elements.

The children choose personalized Greek hero statuettes for Devon, a toy sword for Dion and handmade wooden toys for Jett while browsing shops. Getting a taste of Greek cuisine is a must when traveling to Greece or anywhere in the country. There are many great restaurants, cafés and tavernas located in close proximity to the Plaka. We absolutely love Chicken Souvlaki as our go to dish!

What do you like best about family outings in Athens? Share your ideas with us!

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