Are Executive/Club Rooms Worth It?

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Executive or club roomsMost of us think that hotels only offer rooms or suites, but really there are so many different types of rooms and suites.  Most world class hotels now have different “classes” of rooms that may not be as spacious and luxurious as a suite, but offer more luxuries and amenities than the standard rooms have.  They are called Executive or Club Rooms.

Executive or Club rooms in most cases are the same size as a standard hotel room, but these rooms usually have better views and will have “extras” such as upgraded toiletries, lounge access,  and at times a concierge, butler, or both.   These higher class rooms can cost anywhere from $50 to $100+ more per night than the standard rooms.  Are they worth the extra cost?  When you look at all the extras and add in the service and luxuries they come with, I firmly believe that they are, specially when traveling with children.

Here’s why I think that Executive/Club Rooms are worth the extra cost which can translate not only in a more luxurious vacation, but it may end up saving money as well.

 Executive or club roomsPrivate or Priority Check-In

Great when you are trying to check-in with tired cranky kids after a 16 hour plane ride.  When we checked in to the Westin Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina at midnight after flying for 36 hours with the grand kids we were met at the door by the night manager and a host of other personnel who greeted the boys with gifts and kept them entertained while we checked in.  The cold towels, snacks, and cold drinks were a welcome refreshment.   We were escorted to our room in record time.

 Executive or club roomsConcierge and/or Butler service

They are handy when you need anything from directions to childcare to theater tickets, you can ask them anything; they will always find the right answers and get you whatever you may need.  Our stay at the Shangri La Krungthep Wing in Bangkok was made special by our butler who accompanied us to the best tailors in town, she also had cold drinks and snacks waiting for us whenever we returned to our room.  She even unpacked our bags and made sure everything was neatly placed where we could easily find them.

Breakfast, snacks, and drinks –

Executive/Club Rooms always come with breakfast, either at the main dining room, the lounge, or both.

The Beachcomber Lounge at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel serves club guests breakfast, tea, and cocktails and have snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available all day; the best part is they help you pack up snacks to take into the parks.

At the Westin Dubai we had a choice of the full breakfast buffet in the main restaurant or a more intimate breakfast at the lounge.  Afternoon tea and evening cocktails and appetizers are also included, and non-alcoholic drinks are available all day in the lounge.

This in my opinion is well worth the extra cost of the room.  Knowing where breakfast is served daily is wonderful when you have kids who wake up hungry, no need to think about where to take them.  The snacks are an added bonus.

If you figure in what you would spend on breakfast, snacks, and drinks you’ll find that the club rooms are pretty good value.

Executive or club roomsExecutive or club rooms
Business services

Lounges have PCs, copy machines, scanners, and faxes available for club guests to use.  There’s always someone there to help with the equipment.  You may be charged for international faxes.

 Internet access

Free in-room wi-fi and the use of PCs in the lounges make life easier not to mention money saving.  Internet charges can cost up to $25/day at most hotels.

Prices and amenities will vary with each hotel.  Check and compare before you book.  I feel that the extra cost is offset by the convenience and luxuries these rooms offer.  I think about it this way, will I spend $50 – $100 a day on breakfast, snacks, and drinks when I’m traveling with kid.  In most cases breakfast for 4 at Denny’s or Ihop will cost about $35+.  Drinks and snacks at Disney parks around $3-$5 per item.  Do the math before you book, you might find that the extra cost of a club room ends up less expensive than buying breakfast, snacks, and drinks a la carte.

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