A Day at the Children’s Museum of Houston

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Children's Museum of Houston

One of our favorite family activities is a visit to a children’s museum.  We’ve been to several around the country and even around the world.

Children’s Museums are great places to go for a family outing.  They keep kids entertained and active.  Houston’s Children’s Museum is no exception, it is one of the best children’s museums we’ve visited.

Located in Houston’s Museum District it has been chosen as America’s #1 Children’s Museum by Parents magazine; it truly is a playground for your mind.  This museum has so many things to offer, from activities that challenge your  body to those that challenge your mind.  Pretty much everything within its walls are interactive, from rock climbing to artwork, science,  and more, kids are encouraged to touch and explore the world around them.

This summer every Monday is Super Hero Day.  Meet real “live” caped crusaders and learn how to make your own super hero mask and cape.

Children's Museum of Houston
One of the new exhibits is Kidtropolis. a kid sized city complete with a city skyline, government, shops, banks, and more.  Kid’s learn about different occupations and are encouraged to work in different fields.  From first responders to stockbrokers, and caregivers to shop clerks, kids can choose several occupations to try.  They must “clock-in”, “work” and collect their pay checks which they in turn must deposit to their “bank accounts” via ATMs.  Once deposited they can allot amounts for savings and withdraw funds to shop with.  They can spend their “cash” at the market or in the cafe.
My grandsons loved this section.  Admission to Kidtropolis is included in the entrance ticket, but entrance to the exhibit are timed to keep the “city” from getting too crowded.  A time will be assigned when admission tickets are purchased, just report to the exhibit entrance (located on the ground floor) at your designated time slot and stay as long as you want.
Children's Museum of Houston

For more physical activities check out the crazy stairway,  rock climbing wall, and other equipment.

Children's Museum of Houston

For less strenuous activities stop by the art studio where you can paint a picture or at the How It Works area where you can build a rocket and launch it.

Children's Museum of Houston


For very young children there’s a Tot Spot, and don’t forget the outdoor activities for a bit of water fun.  If you get hungry grab a meal or snack the the Fresh Cafe their menu offers a good variety of snacks and lunches at very reasonable prices.  Or if you prefer bring your own food and enjoy it at one of the tables in and around the cafe.

This museum is huge with many different zones, it’s hard to do it all in one day.  For more information click here!

One time admission can be included in a Houston City Pass.  Click here to buy your pass today! (affiliate link)

For more family friendly activities in Houston click here!


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