5 Unique Activities to Really Experience France

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So you’re heading to France, yay!  That’s one more place to cross off the bucket list right?

But is that all a trip to France is all about?  Is all you want are a few selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower, a mind numbing tour of the Louvre and the D’Orsay, and perhaps a glass of wine and a crepe?  If it is then travel on and good luck!  But if you’re looking for ways to really experience France then read on.

Of course you should visit the Louvre and the D’Orsay and any of the many museums you want in Paris and believe me Paris is not lacking in museums!  And by all means take your photo in front of the Eiffel Tower and do all the touristy things one expects to do in Paris.  But for a truly unique experience in France try at least one of these activities; I promise you won’t regret it; and it will be memorable!

Eiffel Tower Dining

Don’t just climb up the Eiffel Tower, take the time to dine at one of the restaurants located in the tower.

There are several restaurants, bars, and shops in the tower that should suit everyone’s taste and budget.  Treat yourself to seasonal french cuisine at The 58 Eiffel Tower located on the first floor.  This is where you can have an upscale picnic lunch or chic bistro dining.  Or indulge yourself at The Jules Verne located on the second floor Michelin starred chefs offer mouth watering gourmet cuisine.  For smaller budgets check out the buffets for fine quality snacks they are located on the esplanade and the first and second floors.  Or you can have a drink or two at the Champagne Bar located on the top where you can enjoy unparalleled views of the city.

The restaurants require reservations or tours.  Contact SNTTours to help you plan your Eiffel Tower dining experience.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Up, Up, and Away! For a truly memorable experience float above the French countryside in a hot air balloon,  Enjoy a bird’s eye view of palaces, gardens, farms, villages, and chateaux as you gently glide over Fountainbleu or the Loire Valley in a colorful balloon.

Sunrise and Sunset rides are offered and depart from various locations around the country.

Contact Us to help you plan your hot air balloon ride in France!


Historic Champagne Cave Tour & Tastings

Many champagne houses located in the Champagne region of France offer cellar or cave tours and champagne tastings; in fact some offer their tours free of charge.  But there are only a handful of Champagne houses that store their bubbly in historic chalk caves that date back to the 4th. Century and even fewer still that rests on the property of a 13th. Century abbey as well.  (There’s only one that fits both descriptions, Tattinger!)

Rest assured that these historic champagne caves now designated historic monuments and UNESCO heritage sites are worth the visit.  Not only will you learn the history of the sparkling drink and how it’s made, at the end of the tour you  get to sample this lofty beverage too!

Even if you’re not a champagne drinker one sip of this glorious drink straight from the caves will turn you into a big fan.  Like Dom Perignon, the 17th. century monk whose contributions are important to the production and quality of the bubbly, supposedly said when he took his first sip “I am tasting the stars!”  Fine French champagnes is really like tasting stars!

Contact SNTTours to plan your historic champagne cave tour and tasting!

French Pastry Making Class

France is known for its delicious french pastries, specially macaroons and puff pastry.  So indulge your sweet tooth and learn how to make delicious french pastries from master pastry chefs in and around Paris.  Take a macaroon or pastry making class taught by a master chef or at one of the famous patisseries in town like Laduree.

Of course the best part of the class is tasting your creations!  Contact Savvy Nana to plan your pastry making adventure in France!

Market Days

As in most of Europe Market Days in France are a way of life.  Most of the locals use the open air markets to shop for much of their daily needs like fresh fruits and veggies, fresh meat and poultry, and so much more.

Most markets are held in the town’s main squares where all sorts of vendors set up stalls to display their wares.  In many towns vendors have schedules and set up specific days for instance Mondays could be for food vendors, Wednesdays for general merchandise, and Saturdays for antiques, books, and other collectables.   Check with your hotel or on line for the market schedules in the towns you’ll be visiting.

If you’re lucky enough to be in France during the Christmas season be sure to wander around the Christmas Markets, many of the larger ones are in the Northern region not far from the German border.  These markets are huge events that have rides, shows, food kiosks, and of course handicrafts for sale.


Ready to plan your vacation in France?  Call SNTTours for custom itineraries!

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