5 Must Do Things in Taormina

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TaorminaTaormina is one of my favorite towns in Sicily.  Situated 700 feet above sea level this cliff top town offers superb views of the Bay of Naxos and on a clear day glimpses of Mt. Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano.

The lovely village of Taormina has been a world renowned resort since Roman times.  Today it has many things to offer including an ancient historic site, beautiful churches, awesome views, interesting shops, and delicious food.  In short there’s something for everyone!

Here are 5 Must Do Things in Taormina:

TaorminaVisit the Ancient Greek Theater

This beautifully preserved theater was constructed during the 3rd. Century BC.  It underwent various alterations during the Roman Empire.  It’s still used today for concerts and classical shows because of its impressive acoustics and vistas of Mt. Etna serve as a stunning backdrop. [spacer height=”-20px”]



TaorminaStroll the length of Corso Umberto from Porta Catania to Porta Messina, the main gates into the town.

Corso Umberto is Taomina’s primary thoroughfare.  It’s lined with interesting shops, cafés, restaurants, churches, and narrow alleys.

Your day wouldn’t be complete without a wander thru one or two of the alleys that branch off from this main road.  You’ll never know what you will find!  Maybe an interesting boutique, a rustic restaurant, or an awesome view.  Each alley is unique!

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TaorminaCheck out the Duomo and the charming fountain in the Piazza Duomo.

The fountain was built in the Baroque style in 1635.  It is  called Quattro Fontane or “4 fountains” because of the 4 small columns located at the corners of the center basin that support the basins.  Mythological ponies overlook the basins and fountain water flows out of their mouths.
The Duomo or cathedral of Taormina is dedicated to St. Nicolas of Bari.  It was built on the ruins of the Church of St. Nicolas of Bari in the 13th. Century and was rebuilt in the 15th., 16th., and 18th. centuries.
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TaorminaExplore and hang out at the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.

Agruably Taormina’s best Piazza, it offers spectacular views of the Bay of Naxos and glimpses of Mt. Etna.
The Piazza located not far from Porto Catania is home to several restaurants and cafés as well as the stately Santa Caterina Church.
Stop by for a photo or two along the edge of the piazza, then stay for a snack or a meal at one of the restaurants.  It’s my favorite place to eat and people watch in Taormina.
TaorminaThere’s always something going on in this piazza, it’s also a great place to let the kids run around while you enjoy a glass of wine.  When ever we’re in Taormina with the grandkids we hang out at this piazza.  The adults enjoy the view with a nice bottle of wine while the kids kick around a ball in the small piazza!
If you’re looking for something refreshing and non-alcoholic try a glass of Blood Orange Juice.  It’s amazing!
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TaorminaStop by the Pasticceria Minotauro for their awesome Cannolis!  You do know that Cannolis originated in Sicily!

This small family owned bakery on Via di Giovanni makes the best Cannolis in Taormina.  They also sell cookies, pastries, and marzipan.

I can never decide which flavor I to choose so we usually opt for a variety of mini-cannolis.  The cream fillings are pistachio, chocolate, cheese, and chocolate dipped.

The bakery is easy to miss if you’re not looking for it.  It’s located on the street slightly below the street that takes you to the Greek Theater.  If you’re heading in towards the theater entrance it will be on your right on the other side of the short wall separating the 2 streets.


If you’re headed to Taormina enjoy your stay and don’t forget to take lots of photos to share with us!




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