There are Many Things To Do in the Philippines Province of Bohol

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The Philippine island of Panglao is located in the Bohol province. It is an island with an area of 80.5 square kilometers or 31.1 square miles; this is the size of Alona beach. The Philippine island of Panglao is southwest of the Bohol island and is also south of the larger island. Dauis, a municipality on Panglao, is split into two halves that lie in opposite directions from each other.

The Philippines’ Panglao Island is home to several islands such as Pontod, Balicasag and Gak-ang. It’s situated in the Central Visayas region and is famous for its beautiful coastlines. One of the country’s most popular beaches is Alona Beach, which is 1.5 miles long. It’s also a popular spot for surfing, beach walking and snorkeling. Families often come to this tropical island for sunbathing, swimming and other beachside activities. Couples can spend more time together by taking walks on the beach every night. They can also visit one of many beachside restaurants for a sit-down or takeout meal. Alternatively, they can grab drinks at the beachside bar.

There are many ways to get to Alona Beach without needing a vehicle. Traveling by bus or taxi is one option, as is using the island’s port or airport. Several motorized bicycles also exist for transportation around the island. Alternatively, a two-hour car ride from the port or airport will take you to Panglao Island Circumferential Road. As a tourist, I recommend taxi Ly. They are faster, less traumatic and air-conditioned.

Near Alona Beach are many popular places to eat, stay and play. Some of the most well-known include the Birds Watcher Paradise Hotel, Bohol Divers Resort, Lost Horizon Beach Dive Resort and Henann Resort. Additionally, many people visit these locations near Alona Beach. Affordable hotels in the area are close at hand. You can choose one that best fits your needs and budget. There are many different kinds of tours available. These include island hopping, hiking, dolphin watching, snorkeling and diving. Your hotel personnel can help you choose a tour that matches your interests and arrange one for you.

The Philippine Tarsier Foundation is a non-profit organization that maintains the Forest as well as the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to a small species of monkey that visitors can see in its natural habitat. The foundation’s main purpose is to preserve the habitat and safety of the monkey, as well as other wildlife in the forest.

On a Tagbilaran City sightseeing tour, you can see more of Bohol’s natural and cultural attractions in one day. This is a stress-free way to see more sights in less time; between stops like the Manmade Mahogany Forest, Corella Wildlife Refuge and Chocolate Hills, you can enjoy lunch on a cruise down the Loboc River. Also included is a traditional Filipino lunch buffet while enjoying traditional singing and dancing.

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